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Visiting our web site underlines the fact that your company is ever adapting, and that you require the right employees to carry forward the company. We sincerely hope your company keeps advancing in this highly competitive world.

Employees are the key to success of every organisation. But how does one get such employees? You may have tried different strategies in the search of good employees. Strategies like advertising, recruiting agencies, personal networking, etc. However, the fruits are far less than the labour involved.

This is where we come in.

With over 30 years of experience in recruiting, we have learnt the most tried and tested routes to a particular recruitment assignment. Our approach is different for varied recruitment scenarios.

For example, in case of high volume recruitments that have to be executed immediately, the best option is advertising in newspapers. Over time we have learnt which newspapers, which areas, (which days even!) are best suited for getting the highest number of valid responses. Due to this, the clients get the maximum return on their investment.

In case of highly specialised recruitment, the first thing we do is go through our extensive database, and find out the best suited candidates who match the job profile. Our database contains thousands of highly qualified candidates, each screened thoroughly, to make sure that our clients receive the cream of the crowd. This instantly removes the biggest disadvantage of advertising - THE RIGHT PERSON MAY NOT EVEN APPLY. Our staff also take up SOURCING as a means to get our clients the perfect candidate. Sourcing involves identification of prospective candidates through proactive recruiting techniques. Eg.Searching for candidates through the Internet, online social networking sites, etc.

We also take pride in partnering with a huge network of professional Head Hunters. Our head hunters are high calibre people who, with their extensive professional & social interaction, are in touch with the movers & shakers of the corporate world. Our head hunters from different parts of the world, and from various backgrounds, are your gateway to the search for great employees.

Depending on client request, we screen the candidates through telephonic/personal interviews, psychometric testing, EQ testing, background checks, trade tests, and other such methodologies.

With more than 50,000 high quality employees recruited since its inception in 1978, we do our best to avoid becoming just another mundane corporate face, and are focusing on a personalised route to fulfill the needs of our clients. Details like employee attitude, working environment, management style are all taken in thorough consideration to get a winning combination, both for the employer & the employee.